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pleased to have finally gotten my brain twin, mexikoko, here to share in the insanity.

supernatural. teen wolf. doctor who. firefly. castle. bones. buffy. angel.

i try to tag all the things. please let me know if you need something specifically tagged to ts or triggers.

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Dean Apprection Week:

↳Day One: Favorite Quote

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Whoever is in charge of the lighting for the Apple Store events I could kiss them!



Richard Armitage ice bucket challenge


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If life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.

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He’s sad because he’s all alone and nobody wants him. But on this page, his family hears him crying and they find him.

Then the Ugly Duckling is happy, because he knows where he belongs.

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@tylerl_hoechlin: @i_love_harveys @jrbourne1111 @danielsharmanofficial you’re on the clock! #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeoutALS

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Great question, glad you asked.  Here’s how we feel about it, because we a are all borg when it comes to reacting to Dylan O’Brien.

This Stiles is not a Sexual Mature Tornado of Bangability, quite yet.  This isn’t “Derek turns around, and loses his breath” level.  I think this is college freshman coming home from Thanksgiving Stiles.   I think this is a Stiles who feels a little weird coming home to a kitchen that isn’t stocked only in jars of salsa and ramen, who feels like his bedroom is somehow too small without his roommate and everyone on the floor wandering in and out.

It’s nice to see Scott, to have Scott pull him in for a hug, tight and familiar.  It’s nice to spread out on Derek’s floor, listening to the familiar fights.   He tells them stories, too, about how his first semester’s going, about how he was kind of surprised the first time he failed a test without studying, how it turns out that when you eat nothing but takeout for two weeks, your poop is gross.  (Scott highfives him and they snicker, in the same way they’ve been snickering for ten years when one of them says poop.)

This is a Stiles that isn’t ready for Derek yet, doesn’t wow him, who smells kind of gross and is really proud of his patchy-ass beard and talks about trying to get an internship in LA maybe.

But this is a Stiles who’s catching Derek’s eye, even if he doesn’t know why.  Maybe it causes a sense of forboding.  That’s right, Derek.  the sexually mature tornado of bangability is coming.

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